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This is Jyoti Bhalla Ahuja, an ordinary girl who is passionate about cooking and baking. Cooking has always been a mood uplifter for me and a medium to de-stress myself. I am not a professional chef, trained photographer or a food stylist but a simple homely yet an independent girl who loves to cook for her loved ones. I learned baking on my own but attribute my cooking skills to my mom, who is a wonderful cook. Whatever I had learned in cooking initially was from her, and later on in 2014, I joined this wonderful food group on Facebook named “Chef at Large”, which broadened my cooking horizon. After joining that group, I started making new dishes and trying out new sponge cakes and muffins; and used to get a lot of appreciation from the fellow group members for my food and recipes. Getting a lot of appreciation for my food from my friends and family pushed me further and I thought of sharing my food pictures and recipes through a blog.

My blog will be a mere compilation of my everyday cooked dishes, few cooking experiments from my kitchen and simple food pictures clicked by me. For now, my blog will not have any fancy looking recipes or food pictures with styling. I want to connect to my readers at the grass root level so that anyone who reads my recipe should be able to try them at their home. I am an eggetarian and don’t eat or cook non-vegetarian dishes as yet. So, you will find only vegetarian recipes and recipes with eggs on my blog. My mom and my sister-in-law, on the other hand, cook some wonderful chicken recipes, which I will share as and when they would make them.

My blog will have a “Guest Recipe” section where I would be more than happy to share and publish the recipes made by my readers/friends/family/loved ones.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you will enjoy reading through my blog, my recipes, and my cooking experiments.

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