My cooking journey started a few years ago as a result of a simple rule made by my mom at our place. The rule was that I will have to make a different brunch recipe every Sunday. Initially I did not think of it to be a good idea but eventually had to give in. I started making different recipes and to my surprise they used to come out awesome. My dad’s and mom’s praises and appreciation pushed me further. Then, this routine had to change because of my job in the corporate world.

Cooking reduced to minimal and only restricted to few occasions if at all need be. I worked in the corporate world for 7 years, but then left the corporate career after 2 years of my marriage due to some unavoidable reasons.  Sitting back at home gave me ample time to try out new dishes and new recipes for my foodie husband, Luv Ahuja. (Yes, you read the name correctly :-) )

My husband is a big foodie, so my love for cooking was rekindled because of him. He loves to try different dishes made by me and has a big sweet tooth. Because of his love for cakes and muffins, I started to bake more often his favorite sponge cakes and tea cakes. He is always ready to taste my experiments also and is my favorite critic and fan, and always appreciates my efforts. Hence, all of the recipes you’ll find on this blog are approved by my husband and my family.

Good food & recipes…